FS3 Obsidian; Meeting Tomorrow

The first general-invitation meeting for the FS3 Obsidian project is happening tomorrow, 18 February 02007, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.

It appears nine people will participate in the meeting, which is a manageable size for this stage of the project. The project objectives and design specifics for the FS3 (FireSeed Streaming Supercomputer) have not yet been nailed down, so having a meeting with too large a group is unproductive at this point.

Justin spotted a great article released yesterday about NVIDIA's new CUDA software development kit. CUDA is designed to "...allow full access to the 128/96 cores of GeForce 8800 graphics cards..." He also contacted the article's author, Wolfgang Gruener, and may be connecting with NVIDIA through Wolfgang. The title of the article is, appropriately for the FS3 project, "NVIDIA activates a supercomputer in your PC." This article emphasizes the concept around which Justin has developed the draft design for the FS3 Obsidian, namely, parallel processing utilizing the thousands of cores in ~ 50 linked graphics cards.

Results of the meeting will be posted on this blog. Check back in a couple days if you're interested in what was decided and what the next steps will be for the FS3 supercomputer.



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