South Wall of Makerspace is Repaired!

Woo-hoo! The back wall (south wall) of the main workspace for the new DHMN Makerspace on Morrison Street is repaired! Mike V has been working the phones and flogging the workers, as well as ripping off wallpaper. He's made incredible progress on whipping our space into shape!

The wall guys are also prepping the walls for painting, and Ed K will be in to paint those, probably on Monday, or at least early next week. Have to let the prepped walls cure before painting.

An idea that was talked about for one of the walls is to paint a mural, so it will be interesting to see what transpires with regards to that idea!

Jason K was also in the space and took some measurements to see where he can plan to put the routers or other networking equipment for our Internet access and general networking system.

Mike V gave keys for the space to Paul K and a couple other guys, so there are now several people who have 24/7 access to the makerspace.

Progress continues to be made...   The spice must flow!



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